Building Contractors' Business Awareness

Proven Stay Relevant Tips for Contractors

Dun & Bradstreet published an article referencing some of its services and tools; and in this, it is a great article because of its emphasis on gaining business exposure, which applies to any business moreover to our customer base of trades contractors.

Claiming and updating a contractor's Dun & Bradstreet public facing profile is just as important as your Google public Profile; only with more information about your company. Another important reminder is to comb through your past customers because they are the ideal buyer audience persona and each and every one of them a referral or testimonial that can be shared in social media, illustrating the what and how of your products and services. It surprises us how many contractors will reach out asking for more leads while ignoring their previous customers.

Next, in our opinion is the value of the email list. Every customer, every prospect, every relationship that matters to your contracting business must have their email stored and updated in your CRM or ERP solution as it is the de facto "ID" that remains the leading communication medium on the internet. Despite the social media and video surge; email continues to be the first place checked by many, most; if not all.

Lastly, the article brings to light something we talk about a lot and that is the need to connect with Educators, and through them, the students they mentor. We were very pleased to see that Dun & Bradstreet listed this service in the article because it is the Education equivalent of B2B prospecting, and in the days of now where LABOR is such an issue, what better place to create and build relationships than with the education market.

Stay Relevant and top of mind with your prospects and customers. Good points and tools referenced for that purpose. Win. Win.

Building Contractors' Business Awareness
Knowledge Transfer LLC 25 April, 2023

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