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Source Customers using all forms of digital marketing and field sales. Service Customers using automations to eliminate delays in Production and Customer communication. Retain Customers for a LIFETIME and generate even more revenue after Work Completion through Retention Marketing when you replace a standard CRM with   RadiansERP™ , the Platform-as-a-Service built exclusively for Contractors.

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Retention Marketing Automations Platform Exclusively for Contractors.


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Better Than A CRM

  • Customizable as it should be, e.x.t.r.e.m.e. "CRM"
  • Real-time and Stages-based Advertising.
  • 24-7 Assistive, Proactively Monitored Support.
  • Localized, Targeted Marketing Campaigns.
  • Migrate from CRM to Powerful RadiansERP™.
  • Unlimited Social Media and Organic SEO.
  • "End-to-End" Software, Exclusively for Contractors!

What We Solve with #erppower

When you replace a standard CRM with RadiansERP™; digital marketing, sales Prospecting and advertising become a reality through automation; while production, billing, and customer service delays become a thing of the past, AND, retention marketing takes over allowing for Customers to become lifetime relationships so that you never have to go out and find new ones. 

This happens because unlike closed-end CRMs that have limited integrations anfd charge per user, RadiansERP™ is flat-fee subscription based, has unlimited users, unlimited integrations, and a library of over 45,000 apps that allow for a contractor business to restore its uniqueness and culture; something lost while using genericized same-for-all CRMs.

Source Customers. Service Customers. Retain Customers, with 24-7 Proactive Support and an open-source community that closed-end CRMs can't keep up with.

Smart Software. Smart Pricing. Smart Service. RadiansERP™ .

RadiansERP™ eliminates and replaces the manual, repetitive, duplicate; with programmatic, useful automations that boost contractor localized "familiarity," service delivery communication, stages-based engagement frequency, trackable inventory metrics, sales rep tracking, infinite 3rd party integrations, and much more. #erppower

Smart Automations

Based On Your Business.

Smart Targeting

Localized Campaigns.

Smart Platform

With No Per User Fees.

It Just Makes Sense!


Platform-as-a-Service #erppower

Platform-as-a-Service means that a Contractor can break away from the limited integrations and per user licensing of standard CRMs.  It also means a contractor can extend extend its own implementation to include apps like ChatGPT, QuickBooks, WhatsApp, Messenger and many more as the open source library stands at over 45,000+ possibilities! 

Does a Contractor need Work Complete to trigger social media postings to Instagram or Facebook? YES. Does a Contractor need Work Complete to trigger additional sources of Revenue? YES.  

RadiansERP™ as a Platform-as-a-Service means a Contractor can install ONE software solution that can handle multiple trades in one CRM and sell multiple products, and manage multiple locations and MORE.  Roofing. Solar. Restoration. You don't need multiple standard CRMs. You need ONE RadiansERP™.

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What Others Are Saying About KT

Sheila M.         

Abacus Bookkeeping Services LLC

"Knowledge Transfer is to marketing and field sales and technology to the way we take construction bookkeeping and job costing and turn it into something manageable and seemingly effortless! They are at a whole other level because they converge on things and worth every penny."

Catalina Henao         

AiaR Solutions

"Knowledge Transfer will take your business to another level with their expertise skills and consulting level, building a strong foundation for business grow. Such a remarkable company."

Drew Calloway         

Calloway Roofing LLC

"Knowledge Transfer LLC arrived at Calloway Roofing in August 2018 with, "You know what, let us just show you what we do." sales increased 300% in the first year and field sales was connected to the backend systems and the internet presence. Calloway Roofing highly recommends Ktllc."​

Edward Calloway​         

Golden Hammer Roofing Inc.

"Knowledge Transfer brought a shift in paradigm on Golden Hammer Roofing Inc. From technological automations that include marketing and programmatic advertising, to insights on how to improve the company at the various levels. Trades contractors need to connect with KTLLC."

Jesse F.​         

Storm Recovery Experts LLC

"Such a remarkable company. We have been thoroughly impressed by Knowledge Transfer and the plethora of knowledge that they possess not only in the marketing and Sales arena but also just in the business itself."

Alberto H.​         

Comfort Zone Air Conditioning AH

"The name says it all. Exclusive marketing experience unlike any other."

NP LLC​       

Neighborhood Postcards LLC MA

"Extremely knowledgeable about small business marketing and targeting of campaigns to ensure every marketing dollar has the maximum impact. Great to work with!"

Sheila Swinney​       

Serrano & Cagan Law

"Roofers life just got easier and Scalable! Knowledge Transfer technology is cutting edge. It's an all in one marketing, CRM billing, inventory, billing, estimates and more... AND in compliance, built in one application. Amazing."







LIFETIME Customers! 

At Knowledge Transfer LLC we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that Contractors face in competitive markets. Our Platform-as-a-Service is specifically designed to empower Contractors like you to reach new heights with unlimited technology(ies). From strategic online presence to targeted visibility generation,  RadiansERP™ is all about helping you Source, Service, and Retain LIFETIME Customers. Customers that you can brand your contracting service with to produce MORE new business, MORE additional revenue, and MORE brand identity in your localized market(s).

STAND OUT: Transform your Contracting Business!

Schedule a web meeting and Demo with our Support Team. Discover how our tailored Platform solution elevates your name-to-brand and frequency requirements to drive "familiarity" and business growth. We'll discuss your unique goals and challenges, and craft a strategy, unique to you, that aligns with your vision. Take a step towards Unlimited Users, and Unlimited scalable technology for your contracting business—book a Demo today!

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