1# Top Secret Sauce Reason To Invest In An ERP

Why Invest In An ERP Platform For Your Business

The traditional office was based on a location, a receptionist, a computer and telephone system. That was later augmented with the inception of web and social internet presence. Enabling businesses to transact and increase their brand identity and presence.

Mobile leveraged the remote access benefits such that apps enabled micro-transactions to occur further enabling a business to operate on the go.

While websites, apps and specialized platforms such as CRMs have enabled extended presence and transacting, businesses large and small became immersed in apps and platforms overload. Too many apps and too many platforms; all having their own interface and everyone using it having to mold to its capabilities. Moreover, if the platform, better known as a SaaS or Software as a Service did not communicate with other apps and platforms; it becomes isolated and limits the purpose of its design such as Dash by NextGear and many others.

Enter the ERP.

ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning vs SaaS?

Poorly named, ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning to describe a platform type that is

programmatic (meaning one can program it and thus modify it as deemed necessary), and that is 

all encompassing in that it includes within its ERP environment all or most apps and SaaS type platform features usually found in other systems.

In other words, if Jobnimbus™ talks to QuickBooks™ and that system talks to the Chase™ app; an ERP is Jobnimbus "per se" and further has an Accounting module that tracks not only accounting but connects it to sales, purchasing, inventory and even marketing (and its related campaigns, spend, etc.); finally, bridging it with the bank accounts that pay for all and deposits into same the monies generated from sourced sales, marketing campaigns, etc.

To summarize; the ERP is an echo system and the platform that is tailored specifically to your enterprise and eliminates SaaS variants. And when a SaaS system must be a part of, if that SaaS has an API (Integrated Programming Interface) to talk to the ERP (which almost 100% of them do); then the ERP can communicate seamlessly with the SaaS without being hostage to the SaaS system limitations. For learning and example purposes, DoorDash™ is an app, and that is a SaaS because all restaurants can become a part of it and use it but can't modify it. You can place food orders as a customer but can't modify it. As such and as a SaaS, a restaurant cannot order food products to fulfill food orders. However, DoorDash as an ERP would allow customers to place orders (and modify the interface) and the restaurant to order food products (and customize the interface and functions); and report back its accounting and also market the restaurant and program the ERP even further. Thus, ERP is superior to SaaS.

Covid 2020 and SaaS Applications Fatigue

In Covid 2020, the office space moved even further to align with the online space. Even more SaaS systems were added to the pool of platforms used by business to operate in this climate further adding to the learning of even more disparate systems and adoption fatigue.

2021 and onward; SaaS systems make it even easier for retail and service businesses to find themselves surrounded by competitors—at the benefit of the SaaS—not so much for the business. ERP changes this imbalance as the properties and uniqueness of a business once held before the SaaS and apps boom made it possible for a business to be unique among its competitors.

In other words, as SaaS systems like Jobnimbus made it possible for all roofing contractors to use the same "software" it also made business uniqueness more difficult. Roofing Contractors just as other businesses using SaaS become commoditized because uniqueness is diluted. The, "Everyone looks the same" effect kicks in.

Invest in an ERP To Restore Business Uniqueness

Knowledge Transfer LLC has a service mark of "Stay Relevant."SM because the return of a business' uniqueness in an off- and online- world begins and remains by staying relevant. SaaS made things a lot easier for businesses to get up and running; however, for industries that have heavy competition like retail and services businesses, SaaS systems may convert some businesses into commodities and thereby dilute the brand identity uniqueness of the same SaaS systems users. 

ERP systems, because of their programmatic properties restore uniqueness in the ever extending online and mobile presence of a business.

Invest in an ERP. 

1# Top Secret Sauce Reason To Invest In An ERP
Knowledge Transfer LLC 25 April, 2023

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